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Omega 3 – good for the brain

By Susie Alderson | Feb 7, 2018
omega 3, brain health, anti-inflammatory, salmon

This is one of your essential fats. Essential in dietary terms means the body can’t manufacture enough so we must get them on our food. One main source is oily fish (salmon, mackerel, herring and anchovies). Who eats enough of these everyday? Most people don’t. Omega 3 was first linked with low rates of cardiovascular…

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Metabolic Syndrome – What is it?

By Susie Alderson | Feb 6, 2018
Reduce sugar intake

Metabolic Syndrome is a health problem which is difficult to understand. It is a group of risk factors which if you have them can lead to cardiovascular disease and also Alzheimer’s. It is serious and is on the increase Main features of metabolic syndrome are Insulin Resistance – a decreased ability to process glucose effectively…

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Are you functioning on all cylinders?

By Susie Alderson | Feb 6, 2018
Lady with no energy, tired

A brand new year is the ideal time to reboot your system and commit to glowing health – and thinking about thyroid health is a good place to start. If you often feel you’re dragging yourself through the day or you’ve been struggling to lose weight for a long while despite eating all the right…

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Autumn Body Reset Programme

By Susie Alderson | Sep 4, 2017
autumn body reset programme

30 Day Autumn Body Reset Programme Reset your metabolism and reboot your body after the ice creams and mojitos of the Summer! Reboot both your physical and mental wellbeing with a combined Nordic walking and nutrition programme Exclusive online access to expert nutritional advice and support from Nutritional Therapist Susie Alderson (susiealderson.co.uk) Nordic walking sessions…

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Action Against Alzheimer FREE talk on Friday 21st April 2017

By Susie Alderson | Mar 16, 2017
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Vitamin D – The facts

By Susie Alderson | Sep 20, 2016
Nutrition vitamin D sunlight

Vitamin D, unlike most other essential nutrients, is not naturally found in many foods.  It is mainly manufactured in our skin in response to sunlight.  The life we lead now is very different to our ancestors who spent most of their time outside.  Today’s world means that most people work indoors, children play inside and…

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Carbohydrates – Friend or Foe?

By Susie Alderson | Aug 19, 2016
Nutrition complex carbohydrates

For many the “low carb” or “no carb” way has become the preferred option for weight loss.  But not all carbs are equal!  The word “carbohydrate” produces images of refined bread, cakes, pasta and biscuits but fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates too and most of us already don’t eat enough of these.  The recommended amount…

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Why artificial sweeteners don’t help us lose weight

By Susie Alderson | Aug 19, 2016
Artificial sweetener instead of sugar

In an attempt to lose weight many people swap sugar for artificial sweeteners as they provide the sweetness without the calories, so in principle they sound like a good thing.  However, growing evidence suggests that they may hinder weight loss and even cause weight gain. It is not entirely clear why this should be the…

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