Nutritional Therapy

How, why, when and what we eat determines our health and how we feel. If you’ve clicked on this page you’ve probably worked out that something needs to change in your eating habits.

It might be that you’ve reached a certain stage in your life and have started to notice weight gain and niggling health problems that don’t seem to have a diagnosis.

Food may have taken on a whole new meaning to you and you are using it to try and fix other things in your life. Or you may have signed up for an exercise challenge and need to understand how to eat to perform at your best.

"Wellbeing, well done"

What I can do for you

A programme to help you beat the cycle of eating to combat negative emotions. If you eat or snack because you’re bored, sad, anxious or stressed, then I can free you from the psychological pattern and help you change your thinking, habits, body and health.

The calories in, calories out principle is rather simplistic and it is not just about protein either. Whatever your level, from weekend warrior to national standard, young or old this package will help you get the best out of your body.

Frequently asked questions - Nutrition

We start with a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.  This gives me some background into your health and lifestyle and helps to determine the best package to meet your health and wellbeing goals.