Sport Nutrition

Where food and lifestyle feed performance and achievement

Sports Nutrition for elite athletes is finely tuned to deliver a winning performance. But for most of us our goals are rather different. It may be we want to run a marathon, cycle 100 miles or take part in a team sport at county level or we may want to increase our exercise to lose weight and improve body composition.

Whatever our reason for exercising it is important to get our eating right. The calories in, calories out principle is rather simplistic and it is not just about protein either.

The combination of carbohydrates, fats and protein will be determined by our exercise and health goals and will be different dependent on whether it is a power or endurance sport we are doing or a combination of both. Another important consideration in addition to what and how much we eat is when we eat. The timing of food around exercise is fundamental to performing at our best and avoiding fatigue and injury.

So whatever your level, from weekend warrior to national standard, young or old this package will help you get the best out of your body.

Sports Nutrition Programme – How It Works

Whatever your sporting challenge I will work with you to achieve optimum health which will fuel your performance in your sport. I will help you make the right food choices which will give you enough energy and nutrients to keep you healthy.

We will look at when you eat around your exercise and also whether there are differences on training days and rest days. We will work one to one over a number of sessions to ensure the best solution for you.

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