Group detox nutrition programme

Do you suffer from headaches, lack of energy, poor skin, aching joints or digestive problems?  If you do it could be that your body is struggling to detoxify.

We now live in an environment which is very different to our ancestor's environment but our bodies have not evolved to cope with the daily bombardment.  Toxins are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and even the products we use to clean our house and ourselves.  Although our bodies have a huge capacity to detoxify sometimes the toxic load can be too great and we need to give it a bit of extra help.

This well-established programme provides you with information and support to complete a 14 day detox.  There are 3 sessions, the first to provide information and guidance and unravel fact from fiction.  By the end of the 14 days you will be amazed how full of energy you feel and how your tastes have changed.  And most importantly how our risk of chronic disease may have reduced.

Programme details

Programme runs 4 times a year

Price: £60


One initial group session to discuss the content of the programme,
gradually reduce toxin exposure and plan for the 14 day detox.

One group session at the start of the 14 day detox

One group session at the end of the detox

Body composition measured at the beginning and the end of the programme

All menu plans and recipes provided

Ongoing support and encouragement through email with the group.

Optional add-ons

Supplements to support the body detoxify at additional cost

Other consultation packages available

Beat the bloat

A healthy gut is a good place to start in order to achieve overall health. If you suffer from symptoms such as bloating, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome the Beat the Bloat programme can review your gut health and put in place strategies to help.

Boosting energy levels

Lifestyle factors and nutrition can make a big difference to our levels of fatigue. This programme will give you solutions through diet and lifestyle changes which can be easily worked into your daily schedule.

Support with stress

How well we manage our stress determines the impact it has on our health.  Optimising our diets with key nutrients, exercise and rest can all help us manage stress and remain healthy.  This package provides you with advice and support to do just that.

Sports nutrition

The calories in, calories out principle is rather simplistic and it is not just about protein either. Whatever your level, from weekend warrior to national standard, young or old this package will help you get the best out of your body.

Eat to fit your genes

The ultimate in personalised nutrition.  Find out the unique diet and exercise plan which suits you as an individual.  Your blueprint for how to stay healthy, no more “one size fits all”.  Testing your DNA gives you a unique understanding about which foods are best suited to your body.

Weight loss

A proven weightloss programme which includes real food, no meal replacements or removal of complete food groups.  Following a low GL programme with support to help change habits and focus on a healthy weightloss to achieve your goals which can be sustained long term.

Group detox

This well-established programme removes all allergens and supports the body with supplements and foods which allow your liver and digestion a chance to remove the toxins which can leave it sluggish and not functioning at its best.