Boosting energy levels nutrition programme

According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1 in 5 of us feels unusually tired at any given time and 1 in 10 have long term fatigue.

Women tend to feel more tired than men and the very young and old feel less tired.  All of us feel tired at some time which may be due to a hectic week or a couple of late night.  Others may have low energy which is ongoing.  A lack of energy can be a sign of an underlying condition in which case it should be checked with the GP.

But lifestyle factors can make a big difference to our levels of fatigue.  Low energy can be a sign of magnesium deficiency as it helps the conversion of food into energy.  Magnesium is also used up quickly during times of stress.  Along with B vitamins and vitamin C these need to be plentiful in the food we eat.  Caffeine, alcohol and sugary foods and drinks may give a quick boost of energy but result in a dramatic crash leaving us feeling worse than before.

This programme will give you solutions through diet and lifestyle changes which can be easily worked into your daily schedule.

Programme details

Price: £165


Initial 90 minute Consultation

2 x 60 minute follow ups

Diet plan and supplement recommendations if required

Optional add-on

Reflexology to combat stress and rebalance energy £40

Other consultation packages available

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Boosting energy levels

Lifestyle factors and nutrition can make a big difference to our levels of fatigue. This programme will give you solutions through diet and lifestyle changes which can be easily worked into your daily schedule.

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