Beat the bloat nutrition programme

Some might say that we are only as healthy as our gut.  After all the health of our gut determines how well we breakdown our food and how many of the nutrients are absorbed and then enter the body to be used by all body systems.

In our guts we have billions of health-promoting bacteria.  They outnumber the cells in our body by 10 to 1 and weigh as much as 4lbs.  These friendly bacteria are essential for the normal functioning of the intestinal tract.  There are many different types of bacterial and the balance can be easily disrupted.

Many factors can affect the balance such as antibiotic us, medication such as antacids, a high sugar diet, low fibre, foreign travel, alcohol and stress.  All of these factors can contribute to symptoms such as bloating, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.  An overgrowth of the wrong type of bacteria may also be linked with arthritis, depression, diabetes and obesity.

A healthy gut is a good place to start in order to achieve overall health.  If you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned, the Beat the Bloat programme can review your gut health and put in place strategies to help.

Programme details

Price: £165


Initial 90 minute Consultation

2 x 60 minute follow ups

Diet plan and supplement recommendations if required

Optional add-ons

Food intolerance testing from £150

Additional coaching sessions £40 to bring about long term change

Other consultation packages available

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Beat the bloat

A healthy gut is a good place to start in order to achieve overall health. If you suffer from symptoms such as bloating, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome the Beat the Bloat programme can review your gut health and put in place strategies to help.

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