Nutritional Therapy uses evidence based scientific research.  It is all about making sure that you get the best nutritional balance for your individual needs.  If you are an athlete looking to improve your speed or endurance your requirements will be very different to those of a 70 year old women with osteoporosis.  Age, activity level and lifestyle factors all influence what your body needs.

Nutritional Therapy works very well alongside conventional medicine.  It is relevant for those looking for support to enhance their health and wellbeing as well as those with long term health conditions.

I use a detailed questionnaire for all my clients to determine your health, lifestyle and any specific things you would like to address.

Nutritional imbalances may be identified using appropriate tests.  Food and lifestyle programmes may also include nutritional supplements where they are needed.

I can offer you either individual consultations or a range of specially designed programmes to support particular health conditions and symptoms which include a combination of consultations.  These packages are payable in advance and offer a cost saving to you.

"Wellbeing, well done"

Consultation packages

Emotional eating

A programme to help you beat the cycle of eating to combat negative emotions. If you eat or snack because you’re bored, sad, anxious or stressed, then I can free you from the psychological pattern and help you change your thinking, habits, body and health.

Beat the bloat

A healthy gut is a good place to start in order to achieve overall health. If you suffer from symptoms such as bloating, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome the Beat the Bloat programme can review your gut health and put in place strategies to help.

Boosting energy levels

Lifestyle factors and nutrition can make a big difference to our levels of fatigue. This programme will give you solutions through diet and lifestyle changes which can be easily worked into your daily schedule.

Support with stress

How well we manage our stress determines the impact it has on our health.  Optimising our diets with key nutrients, exercise and rest can all help us manage stress and remain healthy.  This package provides you with advice and support to do just that.

Sports nutrition

The calories in, calories out principle is rather simplistic and it is not just about protein either. Whatever your level, from weekend warrior to national standard, young or old this package will help you get the best out of your body.

Eat to fit your genes

The ultimate in personalised nutrition.  Find out the unique diet and exercise plan which suits you as an individual.  Your blueprint for how to stay healthy, no more “one size fits all”.  Testing your DNA gives you a unique understanding about which foods are best suited to your body.

Weight loss

A proven weightloss programme which includes real food, no meal replacements or removal of complete food groups.  Following a low GL programme with support to help change habits and focus on a healthy weightloss to achieve your goals which can be sustained long term.

Ditch the diet online programme

This well-established programme provides you with information and support to understand your body’s signals and start to uncover the reasons why you eat what you do to help you lose weight naturally without the need for a diet.

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We start with a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.  This gives me some background into your health and lifestyle and helps to determine the best package to meet your health and wellbeing goals.